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MyAADE app. NEW application
Date: 22/03/2024 13:48

The NEW application is available on IOS and Android. It enables every citizen-taxpayer to pay taxes and fees from their mobile phone with the IRIS direct payment system or by card, to be notified with personalized messages about their obligations to the tax office and due payments, to manage requests and appointments, to have direct access to his personal account.
The possibilities that the taxpayer will have
myaadeapp is "the first digital step to move to the new generation AADE. Through the application the user will have:
• Access your tax account in real time for information on current tax debts and refund amounts
• Instant secure debt payments, directly from the application, via IRIS or by card
• Management of contact details and IBAN statement for tax refunds
• Monitoring and management of Requests and Appointments
• Access to "My Messages" to receive and manage personalized messages from AADE
• Specialized real-time alerts for citizens, professionals and tax professionals, as well as personalized tax updates
• myWallet, to add and store essential documents such as Registration Details, Tax Awareness, Traffic Fees and certificates for easy access
• Direct access to AADE's appodixi application for easy scanning and checking of receipts
• Possibility of quick login using PIN or biometrics, choice of language (Greek/English) and application color theme
• Locating AADE services on a map with Geolocation capability and displaying contact information
• Tap-To-Call facility at the AADE Taxpayer Service Center

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