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Theodoros D. Kantas (Mayor of Serres 30/09/1944-22/3/1945,the first after the Liberation of Greece) opens his accounting office, which is housed on Nikolaou Plastira Street.


The company operates in the form of a general partnership, with the name, TH. KANTAS & SONS OE. & the Management gradually passes to Panagiotis Th. Kantas & Dimitrios Th. Kantas.


The company TH. KANTAS & SONS OE pioneer in its field in the city of Serres, innovates in the effective utilization of computers & Commercial-Accounting Management & Payroll applications.


The company moves its headquarters to privately owned offices, at 20 Pavlou Mela Street, where it is housed until today.


The company is transformed into a Societe Anonyme. Now, KANTAS SA is intertwined with a wide clientele (legal & natural persons) connecting its long history with the future in the demanding sector of Accounting & Tax Services. The management of the company is exercised by Theodoros Pan. Kantas (CPA Gr).

Our company has been active in the field of accounting services since 1953.

It has been a pioneer in the efficient utilization of informatics since 1976, using Mini systems and custom made applications of Commercial, Accounting Management and Payroll.

When undertaking an accounting project our goal is to gain in-depth knowledge of the business needs as well as the direction strategy. We believe that our accounting services provide added value, as they serve as a starting point for the recognition of tax, administrative and competitive opportunities.

Kantas SA is interested in preventing problems that may occur. We attach importance to the detection of specific risks faced by the company and identify their potential impact on its financial.

We have extensive experience in the fields of taxation, payroll and accounting, and has won the trust of the most reputable local companies, as well as the relevant  authorities.