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Electrification: The subsidy is increasing
Date: 05/09/2022 17:56

E-mobility: The subsidy is increasing - Applications are open for the second cycle.
The Notice for the second cycle of the "I MOVE ELECTRICLY" action was published in the Official Gazette.
The object of the action is to define the terms, conditions and procedure for strengthening the purchase of a purely electric vehicle, including cars, two-wheelers, tricycles and bicycles, with the possibility of retiring (or replacing) an old vehicle, as well as the purchase and installation " smart" H/O recharging point, both for home use and for business use.
The start date of the Action is defined as the publication of the joint ministerial decision in the Government Gazette. (Government Gazette B' 3981/27-07-2022).
December 1, 2021 is set as the start date for the eligibility of costs, except for the costs of issuing a bid.
The period for submitting applications in the context of the relevant action will be until December 31, 2023, while the start date for submitting applications will be announced via a post on the website of the Ministry and on the website of the program gr.
This duration can be shortened in the event that the available resources are covered before the completion date of the action.
The completion of the action, i.e. the payment of the public expenditure to the beneficiaries/final recipients, cannot exceed December 31, 2024.
See the Ministry of the Interior/ATHI/70517/238/07-07-2022 at the following link:
The supporting documents can be found at the following link:

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