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Income tax scale (Companies)
Date: 10/08/2021 15:19

Φορολογική κλίμακα για Εισόδημα από επιχειρηματική δραστηριότητα

Tax scale for Income from business activity

Tax year 2020

Tax rate %
S.A.E., E.P.E., I.K.E.

Personnel companies (O.E., E.E.)


Civil law societies, civil for-profit or non-profit companies, joint-stock or invisible



Consortiums of personal companies


Other joint ventures (in which only personal companies do not participate)


Credit institutions as defined in point 1 of par. 1 of article 4 of Regulation (EU) No. 575/2013, as long as they have joined for the tax years to which they belong in the special provisions of article 27A


Agricultural cooperatives and legal entities recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture. development as Producer Groups and Organizations of Article 27 of Regulation (EU) 1305/2013


Other legal entities not included above

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